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The Mike Style is a Vietnamese Menswear brand - was premiered on November 2012 by Mike Nguyen - GM of Mike Nguyen Textile and Garment CO., LTD. We are proudly a Vietnamese Menswear brand created by Vietnamese craftmen.


Our first showroom was launched in the beginning of 2014 in HCMC - Vietnam. The first showroom was located on Phan Ke Binh Street - a quiet corner of Ho Chi Minh City with many nice coffee shops and restaurants.


The image that The Mike Style is creating is a man who has a great passion with Arts and Beauty - the beauty of love, life, human, nature and culture.


We don't just create clothes, we create a lifestyle. And we don't try to create anything special, we just want to inspire our friends and the ones we love in the chaos of life.


The Mike Style is where we share the happiest moment in life, the tranquil second in the chaos, our point of view and the love of human. 


109/5 Tran Khac Chan street

Tan Dinh Ward

District 1




@: mikenguyenco@gmail.com


P: 0906566660 or 0782666665 


Monday - Sunday: 10AM - 9PM 

Multiple 12 - Wim Mertens
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