Everyone usually wonders whether The Mike Style designs are really suitable for Vietnam's weather - especially Ho Chi Minh City - with high temperature and humidity.

With Mike Nguyễn family, in addition to creating casual wear for your daily events, we would love to follow you in every journey to the new region, new mission with the no-distance-and-limitation love.

The Mike Style is not only a Fashion brand, we are trying to create a new lifestyle that everyone feels free to be themselves, break the rules and forget all the stress, worries and pressures in daily life.

The Mike Style family always hopes to know your sharing and makes our life more meaningful. We also wish to create a new value that always goes with Mike Nguyễn lovers for lifetime.


Enjoy every second of life and experience the artwork created by Vietnamese Artisan with Mike Nguyễn by The Fall Breath Collection.

Inspirer: Khiem Nguyen Filming: Kelvin Darmawang The Fall Breath on George street, Sydney, Australia

The Fall Breath Collection will be available toward the beginning of September 2016.

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