On the last day of the rainy season, The Mike Style was delightful to meet an European friend - Lukas Reitterer - in a small corner of Sai Gon. The meeting was rather unplanned but perhaps fate had led us to seek inspiration from each other for our new project.

We shared the insightful conversations and views on men and women in love. The united heart and soul are essential to nurture love of young people who are seeking for new experience everyday. Men were born to be the masculine symbol showing power and assertive nature. However, they can be impulsive and have a short interest span with the love game. On the other hand, the women prevail over this competition when it comes to showing calmness, patience and perseverance.

Inspired from the joyfulness of life, the playfulness of men in love, the way we treasure our halves, The Mike Style introduces the new collection embracing a tender side of men. We can be very persistent and patient in loving our women right.

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