On a morning in late October, The Mike Style had the chance to catch up with an old friend, Lukas Reitterer, in the heart of Saigon.

He dedicated his life to exploring the culinary arts and cultures of the world, while creating his own unique lifestyle. His cheerful optimism about life really caught my attention. He seemed to carry the kind of positive energy that inspires people.

'Mike Nguyen: What are you looking for in a lover?

Lukas Reitterer: At the age of 30, I need balance in life. I'm not trying to be demanding, but I'm also not young enough to keep playing chase. In a relationship, it's not about whom I love; it's about the feelings that we have for each other.

Mike Nguyen: Might I say you live according to your feelings?

Lukas Reitterer: When a relationship lacks feelings, it's not love. At the same time, the lack of rationality can offset the balance. I think I am living with both passion and a sense of responsibility for my love and feelings.'

We don't just create clothes, we create a lifestyle

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