The most terrible obsession while working in Fashion Industry is FOMO - Fear of Missing out, everyone wants to be remarkable, unique and afraid of being obliterated.

You’re dressing wonderful, because you want to be SPECIAL, to IMPRESS YOURSELF to your partner. But for me, nice dressing is respect. If you want to be remembered, believe in your decision. 99% impression comes from your own charisma, and charisma comes from your confidence. We don't lead your style, but you will do it yourself. We believe you know what you really want, TELL US about that.

I mean in all industries, being obliterated is quite similar to failure, specially in Fashion Industry, this is undeniable. Time may erase everything, but don't worry, working hard with your passion, all the appreciated things will be remembered. And also in love, if you really love someone, your love will never be obliterated.

This August remarks 55-month that Mike Nguyễn and Khuất Năng Vĩnh stay together in many “dressing” projects - and we believe a beautiful friendship will never be obliterated.

Sài Gòn, August.2017.

Beautiful moment was captured by Ji Nguyễn.

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