An Ton That - Perhaps his name is not strange to the trip-hop's adorers.

Must be destiny to come across him in the crowded street of Saigon,after many years apart,

he goes back to entrust his story through music.

He is quite decent and untalkative with Hue accent at our first meet.

But I believe he has so many things to share.

An really doesn't like to talk about his music, he is quite humble when we ask about that.

If someone really loves and concerns about what he is doing,

I believe they will have a deep research. He is modest, completely a perfectionist and that really attracts other people when they are talking with An.

Born in Paris when his family moved to France in the 60s but the love for Viet Nam always stays in his artistic mind.

The last days of September, we will spend the spotlight for An,

for the people who love Hue, love music and the quintessence of traditional values and European culture.

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